re: Financial Coaching & Services

Do you work with only high net worth clients? 
I work with people of all income levels. That being said, a person with a higher income has more options than a person living paycheck to paycheck, so not all the tools I have access to are available to everyone. The aim is to raise the net worth of each person so they can take full advantage of what the market has to offer.

Do I have to give up my morning cups of coffee? 
The best answer I can give is, “maybe”.  I first look at where you’re bleeding money (areas to save money that don’t affect your lifestyle).  Once that’s done, then we start looking at replacing your bad habits with some good ones.  This may mean cutting out coffee but if that’s too traumatic for you then we’ll look at making small (or big) changes in other areas.  For example, I helped one family add $200 to their monthly cash flow because they had no idea they were spending more than that in fast food and junk food every month! 

How are you different than budgeting courses? 
Budgeting courses cover some great principles and are highly recommended; but unless they’re properly set up, they can feel more like a financial diet.  Not that all diets are bad, but they’re harder to maintain over the long term.  I teach healthy habits and tailor-make your budget AFTER I’ve gone through everything to see where we can free up some cashflow. 

Do you help with investing? 
Yes, and I'm contracted with providers who have professional money managers who do the real heavy lifting.

I have a financial advisor.  Is there a reason I should sit down with you?  
Absolutely.  I know many phenomenal financial advisors who offer great advice and guidance, but I don’t know of any who go through every aspect of your finances to free up cash flow, especially at no charge.  Plus, it never hurts to get a second opinion.

Why WFG? 
While shopping for life insurance for my family, I encountered two companies who sold identical policies but company B’s premiums were 3x the amount of company A’s.  Needless to say, I went with company A which happened to be WFG.  I love that they're a distribution company so there's no pressure to sell their products because they don't have any.  They also have access to over 200 A-rated companies.  Being licensed through them gives me access to thousands of products I wouldn't have otherwise.  When I do encounter an exception in pricing, I tell the client about the difference and let them decide which provider to use.  As an independent contractor, I can do that and not worry about being fired.

How can you do this at no charge? 
I love win-win situations but I love win-win-win even more.  The client gets an amazing plan that helps them achieve their goals and costs the same (or less) than if they went to the company themselves, the product provider gets an amazing client, and I get paid by the product provider so I can support my family and focus full-time on helping more people.

How do you get paid?
In WFG, agents can be paid in 4 ways.  1) Personal Production: working directly with clients and putting plans in place that work for them.  2) Recurring Income: earn trails and renewals as you care for those clients on an ongoing basis.  3) Agency Overrides: build a business and develop the skills to open your own office.  4) Bonuses: profit sharing and other bonuses.

How much do you get paid per client?
Every client's needs are different so every paycheck is different, but needless to say, financial services pay really well.  Each client equates to about $1000 commission.  Some plans offer way more, some offer way less.

Are you hiring?
As a person building an agency, I recruit and train entrepreneurial individuals but I am not an employer. If you have integrity, a good work ethic, and a willingness to learn, I am more than happy to invite you to an interview.  For those who qualify, I offer the opportunity to work with me and other incredible leaders in an apprenticeship-style program.  

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re: Career Coaching (no longer being offered)

We just went through this with one of our kids.  What sets you apart from the school guidance counselor? 
That's a great question.  I took those courses and career tests in school too.  My ideal career was a funeral thanks.  Guidance counselors tend to have a limited mindset.  There are exceptions to the rule but most don't envision a future for students that stretches beyond the box.  I fully support these programs and even volunteered at a career center for a time but what I offer is tailored-made and comes from the mindset of an entrepreneur.

Why did you quit being a paramedic? 
For as long as I could remember, I wanted to be a hero.  Paramedicine became my passion.  During my training program, I had amazing experiences, but I also saw the ugly face of politics and couldn't accept the unfairness of certain situations.  I still have that same disdain for unfairness and work hard to set things right as much as I can.

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