Preparedness is essential and covers more than just finances.  Here's a list of resources I recommend to improve your preparedness.

This online platform offers free webinars and excellent pricing in legal services for entrepreneurs all across Canada.

More than a motivational speaker, Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who is a master at teaching people how to defeat their demons and be their best.  Note: he uses foul language in many if his coaching videos but his books tend to be quite a bit cleaner.

Fun for all ages.  This PBS series teaches about personal finances and how money works.  Note: Some videos do not apply to Canada.

With over 20 years experience investing in penny stocks, Tim has taught others how to be successful with excellent results.  His exuberant personality is powerful but his knowledge and passion for helping others is his major driving force.  Note: he uses foul language in many of his videos.